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Molding Processes

Aluminum Molding Processes – Eck Industries

Molding Processes, Sizes, & Casting

We offer different molding processes based on your project needs. We are your resource for complex parts and high quality casting services. Our molding processes and sizes are listed as follows:

  • Green Sand Casting
    • 5 molding lines
      Matchplate and Cope and Drag
      Casting weights up to 150 lbs
  • Air Set
    • 3 molding floors
      Mold boxes up to 10' X 6'
      Casting weights up to 750 lbs
  • Low Pressure Molding
    • Dies up to 40" X 40"
      Casting weights up to 200 lbs
  • Low Pressure Precision Sand
    • Sand molds up to 42" X 50"
      Casting weights up to 400 lbs
  • Permanent and Semi-Permanent Mold Casting
    • Permanent molds up to 3' X 3'
      Casting weights up to 60 lbs

Shell Molding
Direct Squeeze Casting (600 Ton, 12 x 17", MMC and monolithic materials)


Core Making

  • Air Set
    • Core boxes up to 10' X 6'
      Core weights up to 1000 lbs
  • Shell
    • Core boxes up to 20" X 30" X 36"
      Core weights up to 60 lbs
  • Iso-Set
    • Core boxes up to 20" X 30" X 36"
      Core weights up to 60 lbs
Green Sand Casting Airset Molding Aluminum Casting in Action Aluminum Cast Final Product

Visit our product gallery to see some of the products we have molded. Contact us today to start the conversation about your next project specifications.

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