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Gearboxes - Eck Industries

Gear boxes come in many forms. Transmissions, power take-offs (PTO), differential carriers, hybrid driveline housings to name a few. Eck Industries specializes in gear boxes because they require high integrity castings to carry the load under continuous stress and fatigue.

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Hybrid Bus Driveline Housing
2011 Casting of the Year
Racing is Power, Torque, Speed, and Toughness. At the Lowest Weight.

Eck has been delivering military-grade A206 differential cases for Top Fuel and performance automotive for more than 20 years. When you exceed 800 HP, you need A206 aluminum to maintain a lightweight housing.

Common Materials for Lightweight Gearbox Housings:
A356 C355 A/E357 A206 A201 New ALCOA VersaCast™
Our Warfighters Depend on Eck Castings Transmissions
Final Drives
Angle Boxes
Weapon Systems
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With a focus on maintenance and lightweighting, Eck is well-versed on the process of cast-in-place inserts for bearings and threaded attachment.
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