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Engine Products

Engine Products - Eck Industries

Engine performance is synonymous with durability, reliability, toughness, temperature stability, and long life. Market pressure adds power density to this list – achieving higher performance at a lower weight. Eck Industries is a leading development partner who brings the experience, capability, modeling & simulation, and the latest in alloy technology.
Long Life           •           High Performance           •           Lightweight
The air-cooled head has stood the test of time. Engineered to keep cool with long fins and a high temperature alloy. Eck casts all of the common alloys, and the high temperature grades, and is on the leading edge of alloy developments with partners and in-house R&D. See the extensive alloy options available today.
✓ A356
✓ C355
✓ A319
✓ A357
✓ A354
✓ High-Temp Al-Ce
✓ 206
✓ 224
✓ 242
✓ NASA 398
✓ New ALCOA SupraCast™
The Eck team brings the latest in powertrain casting technology including:
  • Solidification Modeling
  • Sand, Permanent Mold and Low Pressure Casting
  • Complex cores with mold coatings
  • Casting all aluminum alloys and composites
  • Experience in high performance applications from air-cooled heads to the Ford GT block.
  • Recognized Innovator – most recently David Weiss, VP Engineering / R&D received John A Penton Gold Medal for pioneering work in aluminum, magnesium and metal matrix composite.
Rotary Engines & Cylinder Liners Graphite-Silicon Carbide Composite manages wear and provides lubricity – See PDF’s.
A well-engineered product begins in simulation. At Eck, it’s no different. From the natural solidification model to property prediction, Eck engineers will work with you to ensure the design is casting friendly, before we build the tool.
Ancillary Engine Products:
Asset 1 Asset 2 Asset 3