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Tooling – Eck Industries

Tooling for Sand, Permanent Mold, Shell Molding and Squeeze Casting

Eck Industries has an extensive network of suppliers to provide tooling for our needs. We can help you select the proper tooling and process for your product needs. The key variables include production volume, geometry, material properties, and the stage of your development.

Air Set and Green Sand Tooling Options

Wood: Used for very low volume prototype runs (5-10pcs)

Grey Board: Used for limited prototype runs (10-50pcs).  Also called "brown board."

Red Board: A general use material which can range in use from complex geometry, low volume prototypes to higher volume production runs (100-500pcs)

Aluminum: Used for green sand patterns for higher volume runs or on impact lines where greater strength is required


Low Pressure and Permanent Molding

4140: Used in low pressure and permanent mold for lower volume runs or parts with simple geometry

Hardened H13: Used for high volume or long life low pressure and permanent mold production, particularly in cases of complex geometry or where future tooling changes or repairs are likely


Other Processes:

Shell casting
Direct squeeze casting

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