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Engineering Support

Aluminum Casting Engineering Support – Eck Industries

Simulation, Prototypes and Design Support

Customer’s Design Concept
Eck Industries performs solidification modeling; offering advice on material selection & design for castability.
High quality casting process
Finished Casting
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Porosity Check in Early Design Model
In today’s competitive market, product designers achieve the best results when they collaborate with the manufacturing engineers from the very beginning. At Eck Industries, this collaboration begins before the component design is complete. Early solidification modeling identifies areas of challenge, porosity / soundness, and even mechanical properties. It is imperative to receive this information before the final design & analysis are complete. Eck has stringent standards in metal cleanliness and processing to ensure high quality prototypes that will reflect your production intent.

Work with us. On design for casting, with wall thicknesses to maximize castability and minimize cost. On material selection for long-term performance and light-weighting. On process selection. On cast-in inserts for the ultimate efficiency in assembly and efficient load transfer. Upfront collaboration avoids costly overruns and product delays.

We are capable of reading all CAD formats, yet we prefer to work with STEP files. In house, Eck engineers use NX8.5, Creo, and AutoDesk 2013. To get started, you can share your CAD data via our Secure File Transfer System.  To set up an account, please send your request to become a user to, with the words ‘New user’ and your primary Eck contact at Eck in the Subject line, IE, “New User – Tyler Eck.”   You will then receive an invitation to use the system.  Follow the instructions for logging on and changing your password, save the link to the logon page in your favorites and you will be ready to share data.

Solidification Modeling

We use simulation tools extensively for product development, tool development, and we collaborate with software companies who want to improve their software. There are different levels of modeling, starting with a 'natural solidification' model that will identify areas that will present solidification challenges.  We recommend that this model be completed before the final design & analysis is completed on a component.  The next level model is a full model, complete with gating, risers, chills & filters.  A third model, includes property prediction, dendrite arm spacing, and other advanced predictions.


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